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I invite you to explore the diverse galleries on display, offering you a comprehensive glimpse into my body of work. As you peruse these images, I hope you find moments that resonate with you.

Should any of these images captivate you, either on this platform or via my social media channels, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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Photography Life


Photography Diploma


PSNZ Honours

My journey as a photographer has spanned a lifetime, commencing in my early years when I eagerly followed my father during excursions with the Lower Hutt Photographic Society, begging him to take a photo of me with his Canon A1. Today, I find myself in my element, capturing the breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and other captivating subjects that adorn the stunning canvas of New Zealand.
My passion for photography extends beyond the mere act of capturing a moment; it includes the artistry of post-production using tools like Photoshop. This realm allows me to create intricate fine art composites and whimsical, cartoon-style portraits of my family.
In 2018, I realised I wanted to refine my craft, which led me to embark on a crazy endeavor: pursuing a full-time course in digital photography at SIT, all while balancing a full-time career. This challenge, which some might call 'mad,' is a source of immense pride for me.
The pinnacle of my photographic journey so far came in 2021 when I earned my PSNZ Licentiate Honours. This prestigious distinction required the submission of a portfolio of ten images that not only reflect my technical ability but also showcase the artistry I bring to every frame.

Join me on this photographic odyssey, where every click of the shutter tells a story, and every image is a testament to a lifelong commitment to the art of photography.

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